Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here's the rest:
The Womble Gun: Made for Shooting at Wombles (more info ahead)

Womble Merchandise

What a Womble is

Punk Womble

Old-fashioned family unit Wombles

Womble accident

Womble cereal box toy

"Party Animals": Republiphant and Donkeycrat

Moderator Sheep

The debate rages on

Can you read the dialogue?

Foolish psycho in a tree with a chainsaw, blinded by hat

"Thorax- The Warrior Beetle: The Paul Bunyan of all bugs" 
Element dinosaurs:
Tyrannosoilus rex (Earth)
Fryceratops (Fire)
Airodactyl (Wind)
Plasmasaurus (Water)
Legosaurus (Bricks?)

Tadpoleon (don't confuse with Battle Toads)

Secondary characters

Here are other characters:
Craig Pooligan, neighbor
Tracey Lunchberg, nursery school teacher of German descent
Marsha Morley, Jewish lesbian teacher

Fishstix, class pet pink piranha

Amelia Bangkok, evil genius from orient land

Lulu's newt

Relaxing with Yurofa

"Babyface", stubborn toddler who cries a lot

Vinnie & Prego Cellaroni

"Q-pid", another one from "the jungle"
'Ruffnekk", neighborhood juvenile terror

Rocky Jordan, junior repairman

"Fat Lazareth" Kittles, Tyler's bully nerd cousin

Symon, FL's sidekick, spelling bee champ
Spelmar "the Sped" Twiggs, neanderthal-esque loudmouth

"Guttersnipe", carries a boombox everywhere
Geoff Duncan, aka "Coach Priveledges"
Teaching Tyler self-defense and positive angry energy output

Bertha Cunningham, pediatrician

Dr. Thurston Crawford, Norman's boss
Mayor Floyd Flemfield
Deputy Leon Chambers,  redneck county sheriff
Judge Walter Pherrus, of Greek ethnicity
Doug Reynolds, malicious attourney
Henry Nuggets, tabloid reporter for WINE news
"Konkrito", an ex-con wrestler
Dr. Isaac Wellington, therapist
Sebastian's dad, a white trash grease monkey
Rev. Emmit Patterson, charismatic preacher
Frosty Meadows' mascot, the Ruckadabbit: half waterfowl, half lagomorph, and all drunk and obnoxious
"Lethal" Jack Diamonds, marionette

"Daddi Longlegz", retired basketball player

Larry Granola, quarterback

Baby Larry
X-Ray, some old guy
"Uncle Gus" Armstrong, armless stand-up comedian
"When people want me to hurry up, they say, 'Pick up the pace.' I reply, 'How the hell do you expect me to do that?'"
"If you told me I 'can't handle the truth', I would say, 'well, of couse not, you fool!'"
"When someone offers me a high-five,  I curse them out!"
Chester "the Jester" McGee, Australian entertainer

Archabux, savage tribal leader
Zipper & Oozy, internet cartoon characters
One of the Mobazoids (man-eating extra-terrestrials)

Newly-hatched Mobazoids

More later...