Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here is the logo, title and major players:

This is the title
This is the symbol/logo
Tyler Schmuckputz, youngest of his family. Lives in the town of Frosty Meadows.

Trapped behind window
Under a trance


New haircut
"Hmm... am I being watched?'

Joining the "Friar's Club"

Being a sneaky ninja

Being a "little devil"

He wanted to be Adolf Hitler for Halloween, but his parents settled for someone less controversial, Osama Bin Laden
Exit through curtain

Standing next to his frequent companion, Sebastian Hagaar
Encountering a hole

Both taking part in Lunchberg Nursery's "Spelling Bee Game Show"
Fall arrives

Tyler in winter

Sebastian in winter
Tyler's father, Dr. Norman Schmuckputz

Tyler's mother, Iris Kittles-Schmuckputz
Pulling Iris's hair off
Tyler's older sibling, Yurofa. Her parents didn't come up with the name,  but then who did?

Family dog, Fleabag, a toy schnauzer

Family parrot, Featherweight
continued later

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