Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here's the rest:
The Womble Gun: Made for Shooting at Wombles (more info ahead)

Womble Merchandise

What a Womble is

Punk Womble

Old-fashioned family unit Wombles

Womble accident

Womble cereal box toy

"Party Animals": Republiphant and Donkeycrat

Moderator Sheep

The debate rages on

Can you read the dialogue?

Foolish psycho in a tree with a chainsaw, blinded by hat

"Thorax- The Warrior Beetle: The Paul Bunyan of all bugs" 
Element dinosaurs:
Tyrannosoilus rex (Earth)
Fryceratops (Fire)
Airodactyl (Wind)
Plasmasaurus (Water)
Legosaurus (Bricks?)

Tadpoleon (don't confuse with Battle Toads)

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